2016 Viewers Choice Awards and Ribbon Winners






Viewers Choice Award 

"Simple Gifts"

by Helen Anderson








Challenge Quilt Viewers Choice

"Phoenix Rising" by Kathy Dunham









Miniature Quilt Viewers Choice

"Tiny Purples" by Susan Walz







Miniature Art Quilt Viewers Choice

"Quilter's Bike" by Sharon Blackburn

2016 Ribbons Awarded


Cactus Sew-Ables Quilt Guild

Juanita Byerly:  Awarded by Bonnie Millage, Pass Patchers

Marilyn DeBord:  Awarded by Mimi's Quilting

Bob Hix:  Awarded by Olive Pratt (Linda Anthony), Pass Patchers

Gale Yawn:  Awarded by Joanne Hunt, Coachella Valley Quilt Guild


Coachella Valley Quilt Guild

Helen Anderson:  Awarded by Carolyne Schroth, Pass Patchers

Loretta Duffy:  Awarded by Kathleen Herring, Show Chairman

Laura Fiedler:  Awarded by Lynette Harlan, Pass Patchers

Chris Gartin:  Awarded by Specialty Hemstitching

Kathleen Herring:  Awarded by Christina Smithberg, Pass Patchers

Bob Hoffman:  Awarded by Pegboard Highway

Joanne Hunt:  Awarded by Betty Leone, Cactus Sew-Ables

Cheryl Jensen:  Awarded by Rusty Crow

Barbara Lynn:  Awarded by Dragonlady Quilts

Jacqueline Mason:  Awarded by Jeannie Lindberg (Laura Kresowski), Cactus Sew-Ables

Pene Owens:  Awarded by Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations

Roberta Peterson:  Awarded by Desert Guilds Boutique

Linda Rae Shea:  Awarded by Batty Lady

Karen Sheppard:  Awarded by Susan Wamsley, Show Secretary

Pat Siegel:  Awarded by Cheryl Jensen, Show Treasurer

Claire Victor:  Awarded by Denise Cohen, Cactus Sew-Ables


Pass Patchers Quilt Guild

Ann Astran:  Awarded by Kathleen Herring, Coachella Valley Quilt Guild

Susie Biby:  Awarded by Dragonfly Quilts

Sharon Blackburn:  Awarded by Eye Candy by Linda

Kerry Cacucciolo:  Awarded by Andrea Dooley, Coachella Valley Quilt Guild

Dolleen Dorcas:  Awarded by Lorri Conway, Cactus Sew-Ables

Donna Gaston:  Awarded by Sew Cranky, Be Happy

Nancy Hudson:  Awarded by Natalie Shonerd (Annie Houston), Coachella Valley Quilt Guild

Linda Leibon:  Awarded by Button Box

Christina Smithberg:  Awarded by Linda Shea, Coachella Valley Quilt Guild

Judy Stevens:  Awarded by Marty Parsons, Cactus Sew-Ables 

Liz Thompson:  Awarded by Vintage Moments

Nancy Watterson:  Awarded by M&M Creations