Miniature Quilt Submission Form:  

2020 Miniature Exhibit Form


Miniature Quilt Guidelines

Desert Guilds Quilt Show 2020



You must be a member of one of the three guilds to submit an entry in any of following categories, and you may submit more than one entry in all of the categories below.


Two types of miniature quilts shall be displayed:


1. Small Quilts:  Blocks are no smaller than 1” or larger than 3”,  and a maximum  perimeter no larger than 72”.


2. Small Art Quilts:  Art Quilts can be designed with mixed media and must  have a fabric background.  Perimeter no larger than 72”.


No hard framed artwork will be accepted.



Miniature Ribbons - Viewer’s Choice


-Viewers will chose one choice for each category: 

  Small Quilt and Small Art Quilt


-Miniature Ribbons will be given to one Viewer’s Choice for each category



Any questions, contact:


Coachella Valley: Jackie Mason 760-408-2750


Cactus Sew-Ables: Marilyn DeBord 760-365-2455


Pass Patchers: Robin Grube 909-793-9645