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2018 Challenge Form




The Challenge Theme for 2018 is “OFF THE BEATEN PATH”.  This challenge is open only to members of Cactus Sew-ables, Coachella Valley, and Pass Patchers Quilt Guilds.




Finished entries should be placed in a brown paper bag and delivered to your Guild’s designated person by the February 2018 guild meeting date.  If you belong to more than one guild you may submit a challenge quilt to all of them:  BUT YOU MAY ENTER ONLY ONE QUILT IN THE SHOW.  You will have to choose which guild challenge you want to represent you in the show.  Entries will be displayed and judged by popular vote at the February meeting of your guild.




     1.  To  convey the theme: “OFF THE BEATEN PATH”, your quilt MUST show a MINIMUM of ONE path, road, trail, track, street, footprints, voyage or route by a person(s) or animal(s). You may connote a map, treasure map, fields, ...aerial view, or ground level, etc. You may piece, applique, paint, thread paint, embroider, embellish or other technique. Your image must include a MINIMUM of ONE sign, trail marker, route number, direction, mileage or nautical miles.


      2.   The quilt size may be no less than 60 inches or no more than 120 inches in perimeter (except for wearable art).


      3.    All items must be finished.  Entries must be hand or machine quilted.  No tying.


     5.    Label your quilt on the back with your name covered.  Sleeves are optional.


      6.  For judging, put in a brown paper bag and turn in your Entry Form separately.  Your entries will be returned to you by your guild representative at the guild meeting following the 2018 show.


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