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2020 Challenge Form


Challenge Guidelines

Theme:  Out of the Box


The challenge theme for the 2020 show is "Out of the Box".  Take this opportunity to explore an aspect of quilting new to you, or make a quilt you have always dreamed about but never completed.  Perhaps you will try a technique you haven't tried before, use fabrics and materials you haven't ever considered putting into a quilt, design your own pattern, or use a color pallet different from your "go to" colors.  Consider using a skill you have recently learned, but not yet incorporated into a quilt, or try interpreting quilt blocks you enjoy in a style new to you, e.g. improvisational quilt, a modern quilt, or an art quilt.  Maybe you will create an image that literally shows something out of a box, like a diamond ring, Chinese food, or a hand-crank jack-in-the-box.  Put your thinking cap on and think "out of the box" as you plan your challenge quilt.




1.  Make a quilt that is "Out of the Box" for you.  Note, this will be different for every quilter as something new to you may be a "go to" method for someone else.  Select one of the following categories to define what about your quilt is "Out of the Box" for you.

       a.  Use of unfamiliar technique or style as defined by the maker

       b.  Use of unusual materials, fabrics, colors, or shape as defined by the maker.

         c.  Pictorial image interpretation of the theme, "Out of the Box".

        d.  Original design or other creative expression of the theme by the maker.


2.  The predicted color of the year for 2020 is mint green.  You must include a minimum area of one square inch of mint green on the front of your quilt.  This can be several smaller pieces that add to a total area of one square inch.  You can of course use more than a square inch if you choose.  Note, each quilter will provide their own "mint green" fabric.  A sample of Kona mint green is attached for color comparison.


3.  The minimum perimeter of your finished quilt is 60 inches, the maximum perimeter is 120 inches.


4.  Your quilt must have three layers, stitched together with finished edges and be basically flat to hang, using safety pins, on a fabric wall (not 3-dimensional or wearable art).  Embellishments should not extend more than 1/2 inch from the surface.  A sleeve is optional.


5.  Put a label on your quilt.  It must include your name and your guild's name.


6.  A completed application must accompany your quilt.  Your completed quilt is due to your guild challenge representative at the February 2020 meeting of your guild.  Your challenge representative will deliver the quilt to the show; and, your quilt will be returned at your guild meeting following the show.


7.  This challenge is open only to members of Cactus Sew-Ables, Coachella Valley and Pass Patchers Quilt Guilds.  If you belong to more than one guild participating in the show, you can make more than one challenge quilt.  However, only one challenge quilt per person will be hung at the show.  Select which one you want shown.